Game Guide

Basic Guide

1. Installation/Run


▶ Recommended specifications

  • – The recommended specifications of Closers are as follows.
OSWindows 10 64bit
CPUIntel Core i5
RAM8 GB or more
VGANvidia GeForce 1050Ti or better graphics card
DirectXDirect X 11 or higher
Resolution1920 X 1080
  • – If you have a problem running the game, please play the game on a device that has higher specifications than the recommended one. 


▶ Download and Run 

– You can download the Closers from the Closers official website > Archives > Download. [Shortcut] 

– DirectX and Visual c++ programs must be installed to run the game. you can enjoy the game in a better environment by installing the latest version of your graphics card. 

– If there is a problem with the game running or download, please contact Closer’s Customer Center 1:1. [Shortcut]


2. System Setting


▶ Display setting

 -For smooth gameplay, you can set the in-game screen options according to your PC environment

-In-game screen settings are available on ‘’Menu > System in QUICK MENU > Screen Setup Tab in OPTION’.

①    Screen resolution: You can adjust the screen resolution according to your PC environment.

②   Rendering Optimization: Provides a more realistic shape of an object.

③   Town User Indication Level: The view of other closers in the hub area can be adjusted in detail and it will be more simplified as it is adjusted to a minimum.

④    Graphic effects: You can turn on and off the effects such as enhanced effects, NPC motion blurs, and NPC sword light effects.

⑤    HDR: Graphic can be applied or disabled in HDR style.

⑥    Anti-aliasing (AA): This function minimizes the aliasing (broken pattern) that occurs when signals of high resolution are displayed at low resolution.


▶ Sound setting

 – You can better enjoy the game by fine-tuning various sounds such as character voice and skill sound.

 – In-game sound settings are available in ‘Menu (ESC)> System in QUICK MENU> Sound Settings Tab in OPTION.

①    Master sound: Adjust the overall sound including BGM, sound effect, and voice.

②    BGM: The volume of the background music can be adjusted.

③    Sound effect: sound effects on basic attacks and jumps that helps you to play a more vivid game.

④    Voice: You can adjust the volume of the voice of the character you are playing, such as basic voice and skill use voice.


▶ Game settings

– Set the screen to shake or shine, and enjoy the game more realistically.


▶ Key Setting

– You can set the in-game control keys.

– The control key can be changed in ‘Menu (ESC) > QUICK MENU > Key Setup’.

① Control keys in the dungeon (default) 

② In-game control key (default)

▶ Channel change

–  You can select the sector (channel) after the login.

  – The channel bonus experience can be obtained when the same sector is cleared as the selected channel.

ex) ch13. After entering a planer gate channel, get channel bonus experience by clearing the planer gate dungeon

* You can enter the channel directly through the channel search.

* Party invitations can only be made if the target is on the same circle channel.

* Private transactions can only be made on the same channel

▶ Help

 – Guide for important systems in the game.

3. Character Create/Delete


▶ Closer contract/dismissal

– Closer contract: Click on an empty slot to contract and play a new Closer. Character names can be entered from 2 to 12 characters. You can have maximum of 18 characters by default.

– Closer dismissal: After selecting a character, click Dismiss Member to delete the character. The 48-hour dismissal review period will be applied, and after 48 hours, the character’s dismissal will finally proceed. 

* After the dismissal, the nickname of the dismissed (deleted) character can be used immediately.

* Deleted characters cannot be recovered, so please decide carefully. 

▶ Character selection
– You can start playing game after selecting the character.

4. Interface


① Current sector, Entered channel, warriors Buff

– You can check the current sector.

– Shows the current channel you entered.

– You can check the warriors Buff by putting the cursor on the Buff UI.

② Network chat and Normal chat

– Network chat only can be used by using the ‘network interference device’

– You can check the normal chatting by pressing ‘Enter(default)’ key.

* ‘Normal/Party/Circle/System/Network’ tab can be changed by click.     

* Pressing ‘[Tab](default)’ on normal chatting will change the chatting target.

* Pressing the direction key(↑) on normal chatting will show the previous chatting.

③ NPC quest Accept/Complete

– You can easily find the Accept/Complete NPC by [!], [?] mark.

④ Quest alert

   – Displays a list of quests currently in progress, and when you click on the quest, the quest window pops up to view the details.

⑤ Character information

a. Buff, Special ops sector, Event

-You can check the Account/Character/Teamwork Buff that is currently applied.

-UNION watch, special dungeon, and event are also shown on this section. 

b. Quick Slot

-You can register and set the skills and available items  

c. Alert

-Alert item will be shown if the mail is received or the achievement has been achieved.

-Click on each menu item to view the Quick Menu, UNION Camp, UNION Store, and UNION Arena pop-up windows.

d. Basic information

-Current level, character name, applied illustration, HP, and MP is shown.

-You can check the current EXP and PNA EXP.

e. EXP

-You can check your PNA experience after completing the PNA quest in Planer Gate.

5. N-Coin


▶ UNION Store

  • – It is a store of Closers. You can purchase some premium items.
  • – You can enter UNION Store through pressing N button.

  • Shopping cart & purchase all 
  • – if you want to purchase diverse items at once, you can put them in the shopping cart and purchase them at once by <Purchase All> button.
  • ② Charge
  • – You can charge the N-Coin.
  • Purchase Method
  • – You can purchase the Item by clicking it and press <Purchase> button.
  • – Purchased Item will be moved to the delivery box in your inventory. Item in the cash storage can be used after moving to inventory by <Confirm Purchase> button.

  • Coupon
  • – You can receive the item by entering a coupon from the event.


▶ Material Conversion (Washing Machine)

  • – In-game item can be obtained with some chance through the Material Conversion (Washing Machine). (Premium chance Item)
  • – Material Conversion can be purchased with N-Coin and usage is as follows.
  • : NPC in each hub, click on <Washing Machine> in UNION Store

6. Credit


▶ credit

  • – It is a virtual currency of Closers. It can be obtained by dungeon clear, quest clear, and selling. 

▶ Usage

  • – NPC Store: Gear, Consumable, skill cube, and variable of other items can be purchased through NPC.
  • – Black Market: Can purchase the Item that other closers are selling.
  • – PNA Slot Unlock: Can unlock PNA slots
  • – Enhancement: Can enhance gears
  • – etc.