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Union Camp

1. UNION Camp


1) UNION Camp

   -If you have a character who has reached level 16 in your account, you can enter the ‘UNION Camp’.

   -UNION Camp is divided into ‘My Room’ and ‘Farm’, and each is your own space where you can explore and grow crops.


2) UNION Camp UI Guide

   – These are the function that you can use in UNION Camp.

2. My Room


3) My Room

▶ Exploration (Normal)

   -You can send exploration by configuring 1 character and up to 3 pets into [Exploration Party].

   -Characters and pets that are already exploring cannot be registered in other exploration dungeons.

   -Upon completion of the exploration, the experiential value of the characters and pets that sent exploration increases, and you can obtain various rewards such as EXP, credits, and items from UNION Camp. 

▶ Exploration (Butler)

   – When hiring a butler, a private exploration and dungeon is enabled that might drop unique items that cannot be obtained in the normal dungeons. 

▶ Exploration mileage

   -1 mileage will be accumulated for each exploration completed.

   -When exploration mileage is accumulated, you can get additional rewards according to your UNION Camp level.

3. Farm


4) Farm

▶ Planting farm crops

   -Clicking Manage (F3) opens the crop placement minimap as above.

   -Crops can be acquired as events or purchased by clicking on empty crop areas.

   -When you complete crop cultivation, UNION Camp’s EXP increases and you can get various rewards depending on the type of crop.

4. UNION camp exclusive item Crafting


5) UNION cmp exclusive item Crafting

-You can use the Storage/Crafting/Salvage function through NPCs placed in My Room and Farm or through the ‘Storage’ menu.

   -You can create a variety of items such as UNION camp exclusive Phase Wings and exploration support tickets with ‘Explorer/Gardener Coins’ and ‘UNION Camp Medal’ that can be obtained when exploration/crop cultivation.

Effect of UNION Camp based on Level

6) Effect of UNION Camp based on Level