Game Guide


1. Pet


1) Pet

– Pets can generally be obtained through egg/Hatchling/adult container.

Pet information and status check and evolution of pet can be proceeded through the pet information window (shortcut key [B]).

– Some pets that have evolved over a certain level acquire ‘Active Skills’ and can be used when equipped with skill quick slots. 

2. Skill


2) Skill

You can acquire various skills depending on the character level and rank.

     (6 trainee skills, 4 Novice skills, 4 regular skills, 4 special (EX) skills, 3 awakening skills, 1 task force)  

-Acquired skills can be registered and used in the skill quick slot through mouse click & drag/ right click.

   -Use the PVE skill setting in the dungeon and the PVP skill setting in the battle (union arena).  

-You cannot change the skill setting during PVP, so you must complete the skill setting before entering the arena.

   ▶ Skill Cube

     -When the skill level exceeds a certain level, the skill cube slot is opened.

     -Skill cubes are opened in the order of [Advanced> Expert> Master>, and the level required by each skill is different.

     -The optional skill cube is additionally opened when the master cube is opened, and a cube suitable for the situation can be installed.

▶ EX Skills (Special Skills)

     -EX skills acquired during special agent/operative promotion can be acquired in upgraded form of existing skills.

     -If you have acquired EX skills, you cannot use previous skills.

     -EX skill conversion is possible from skill level 10, and conversion is possible even when skill level 10 is exceeded.

     -If you switch to an EX skill while exceeding skill level 10, the overused SP does not disappear, and you can change it back to the original skill and recover the SP.

▶ Awakening Skill

     -when the skill is awakened, existing skills can be used in awakened form.

     -The skill is automatically transformed into the awakened form when the Core and Receiver for Purification Ops are equipped.

     -When the skill is awakened, the skill cube of the existing skill is changed so that it cannot be used. (Optional cube available)

3. Achievements


   -Achievement list is divided into three types: underachievement, accomplished achievement, and achievement completion.

   -Upon completion of the achievement, you can obtain achievement points, titles, and other reward items. 

4. Character Information


4) Character Information

   ▶ Character information can be found at Quick Menu[ESC] -> Character or Shortcut key[P].

   ▶ Basic Information: You can check the character’s nickname, skill level, wearing equipment/costumes, etc. 

  • Detailed information: You can check the character’s detailed abilities.

  ② Titles: You can decorate your character nicely or improve your stats by attaching a title.

    -You can select [Titles] to receive stats and [Skin Titles] to be displayed.

    -The stats applied by the title effect do not apply in the hub, and can be checked within the dungeon.

  ③ Change character skin: Character illustration, pack (voice, motion, effect), and visual frame can be set.

    -Illustration: Available illustrations will be activated when equipping set item that can be changed or upgraded.

    -Pack: There are MAIN PACK where voice, motion, and effects are changed at once, and SUB PACK and mixed pack that can additionally apply skill effects.

    -Visual frame: It applies special effects around illustrations. It can be obtained by accomplishing achievements, using event items, etc.

▶ Rank: You can check the current character’s rank level and the conditions for promotion to the next rank.

[What is a promotion? 5. Quest>   view promotion quest for more detail]

  ▶ PVP: You can check the information related to the character’s participation in Union Arena.           [What is PVP? 6. PVE/PVP/Ranking> PVP (Union Arena) for more detail]

5. PNA


5) PNA

-You can use the PNA by completing the ‘PNA Operation Experience’ quest in the Planer Gate area.

   -It is divided into attack/defense/utility strain according to the type of stats to be strengthened.  

▶ PNA level

     -You can earn PNA EXP when clearing the Planer Gate, Dimensional Ops Center, and       Purification Ops dungeon.    

-PNA level exists up to 80, and the appropriate PNA level must be achieved for each PNA Gene grade. 

   ▶ PNA Gene

     -PNA gene is divided into array/combination/variation gene and can be installed only in the corresponding slot.

     -In order to use the slot, you must open it by consuming a certain amount of credits, and each time you open it, you receive a certain amount of SP. 

   ▶ Special Gene/special Strain

     -A character with level 75 or higher can use special Gene when completing the quest ‘Special Strain and Doctor’.

     -Upon completion of the quest, a special Strain slot is additionally opened, allowing the character to grow stronger. 

   ▶ PNA Gene enhancement/evolution

     -It can grow to a higher grade by enhancing/evolving low grade PNA Gene.

     -Reinforcing materials can be obtained by decomposing unnecessary PNA Gene.

     -Evolution materials can be obtained through Dr. Gremory’s laboratory dungeon and related quests.