Game Guide


1. PVE



▶ Operation area   

– Operation areas must be entered through dungeon entry device such as <MissionMinders – Edger EX> and <Inner Portal Generator>.

    – There are single / party / random matching play for the operation area.

▶ Find Party / Random Match

 -You can search for a party by pressing the shortcut key [F6] within the dungeon entrance.

-You can recruit/invite party members after creating a party by pressing the shortcut key [F3]

within the base area.

-Random matching will be progressed for 30 seconds, and you can select Accept / Decline after matching is complete.

-If you refuse to match 3 times in a row, a penalty accumulates and you cannot use random matching for a certain period of time.

▶Special Dungeon

  -You can enter the special dungeon through the shortcut [‘] or the

top of the character information.

– For the Dimensional Doppelgangers. [Mon~Sunday], you can enter the dungeon on even hours every day

-The number of entries per day is limited to one per account.

– The number of daily entry to the special operation area (Mop-Up Operation, Skyscraper Battle,   Andras Operation, Hall of Dragon, Endless Elevator) is 4 times, and

You can clear it automatically by using the ‘Special Operation Area Clearance Ticket’ item.

2. PVP


2) PVP (UNION Arena)

  ▶ Union Arena

      -Battle (PVP) mode through random matching

      -You can enter through the shortcut key [F2] or button


      -It will be played on a 3rd round 2nd winning system, and you can earn PVP EXP and Arena points when you win.

      -You can create a variety of items with the Arena Points you have, and reset every Saturday at 04:00.     

-Through various rewards such as participation reward/ winning streak reward/ arena time reward/ ranking reward. You can obtain gold/silver/bronze medals and collect medals to create various items.     

– Mode

① 1:1 Match- It is a PVP mode where you compete in 1:1 match.

② 3:3 Arena Brawl-This is a PVP mode in which one of the team members competes in order. Defeating an opponent restores 20% of your health and allows you to battle with the next opponent.         

③ Circle Arena Brawl: This is a PVP mode in which one circle member competes in order.

   [What is Circle Arena Brawl? 8. Circle> Circle Arena Brawl section for more info]

         ? Union Arena Notes

           -Skill damage, cooldown, and range have been adjusted.

           -Equipment’s power and option effects are adjusted, and PNA is not applied.          

– Character stat for the PVP will be applied

-The maximum of some stats will be limited.

-You cannot chat in Arena mode.

-Use of consumables and equipment replacement is not possible. 

▶ Arena Time

      -This is the time for the matching event of Union Arena.

      -Arena time starts every day from 5pm, 7pm, 8pm and 11pm for 59 minutes.

      -If you play a match during Arena Time, you will receive event rewards regardless of the outcome of the victory and the winners can get additional rewards.

  ▶ Arena Brawl Time

      -The 3:3 Arena Brawl can only be played during Arena Brawl time.

      -The Arena Brawl is held every day from 06:00 PM to 10:00 PM for 59 minutes.

  ▶ Circle Arena Time

      -Circle Battle can only be played during Circle Arena time.

      -Circle Daejeon Time is held every day from 09:00 PM to 59 minutes.

3. Ranking


3) Ranking (shortcut [‘]’])

▶ Circle Ranking

      -Ranking competition is conducted with the combined points of activity/arena/dungeon per circle.

      -Weekly ranking rewards are reset at 4 am on the second Saturday of every month. 

▶ Union Arena Regular League

      -Participate in regular leagues by playing Union Arena after reaching character level 50.

      -Weekly ranking competition will be conducted based on below or points (AP).

      -Weekly ranking rewards are reset every Saturday at 04:00. 

▶ Total Combat Power

      -If your total combat power is over 100,000, you will automatically participate in the ranking.

      -Ranking competition will be conducted every Saturday based on the combat power at the time of the last logout before 4am.

-Weekly ranking rewards are reset every Saturday at 04:00.

-The first place character in each class is produced in the form of a character statue in the furnace of the hero in the Plain Gate area for one week, separate from the ranking reward. 

 You can receive the ‘Extreme Fighter’ buff through the hero’s furnace.

▶ Great Purification Operation Points

      -The Grand Purification Operation Point Ranking is a point ranking that is aggregated per account.

      -Resets every Saturday at 04:00 AM, and rewards can only be received once per account.

      -You can obtain Operation Points by clearing the Great Purification Operation Area and the Operation Area of ​​Contamination Hell by day of the week.