Game Guide


1. How to Use Emotes In Closers


There are two kinds of emotes in Closers!

One kind of emote gives you the ability to hover images above your head, for a quick bold statement.

Everyone starts with a range of emotes, and sometimes further emotes can be crafted during special events.

The other kind of emote allows you to express yourself through movement, and sometimes even summon props or slightly more magical abilities.

How to Use Statement Emotes
To set up these emotes select Menu > Emotes.

Select emotes you want to use and drag them onto the wheel.
To activate the emote, hold down TAB and then press the arrow key in the direction of the emote you want to use.

How to Use Movement Emote Skills
Emote movement skills can be activated thought the chat menu. Press Enter, and then write the chat command for your emote. You can find the emote for any skill by hovering over it in your skills menu. Press K to get to Skills and select the Emotes tab.

Emotes, like any other active skill, can be activated through your skill bar. Drag the skill onto the skill bar and press the letter associated with it to activate your skill.

Within housing, you can also select emotes from the bar at the bottom of your screen. You can click on the emote, or press the number that represents that emote.

Here, Seth is crying that she forgot to clean up the Harpas Sofa Set before people came to visit.

2. Inventory



– In the inventory, you can check all your items, credits, and resurrection capsules.

– From the bottom left menu, you can sort items/delete items/identify items/check Internet Cafe Rental Items/cash storage, etc.

– Inventory can be entered by the [I] button on the keyboard.

▶ Personal Bank/ Account Bank

– It would be useful to store the items that you don’t need at the moment or when you have too much Item to handle.

– Storage can be accessed through the [Storage NPC] at the hub.

– Storage is divided into individual storage and account sharing storage, and items can be moved between characters through account sharing storage.

– The storage slot can be extended with credit and N coin.

▶ costume locker

– Costume locker feature a [Costume Locker] and [Outfits].

– The [Costume locker] can store up to 1,000 costumes.

– The [Outfits] is used when you want to save an outfit as a set that can be equipped directly to a character. You can save up to 20 outfits.

a. Save: Save the registered costume on the page. (Packaged costumes, Internet cafe rental costumes cannot be stored)

b. Revert: Revert to the costume set saved before changing to the page.

c. Equip: Equip the registered costume to character. (The costume that the character was wearing will be moved to the ‘Costume Locker’ or ‘Inventory’)



▶ Personal Buff

– You can increase the stat of the character through Charm, potion, Closer Elite Training Course, etc.

▶ Teamwork Buff

– If the character you currently own is level 20 or higher, the teamwork buff of the character is activated, and every 10 level increase in character level increases the buff level by 1.

When entering the operation area, the teamwork buff of all level 20 or higher characters except the character being played is applied.

 Example) With the characters Sylvi (Level 70) and Seha (Level 75)

       When entering the operation area as Sylvi, the teamwork buff of Seha (physical/Psi power increased by 300) will be applied.

  1.  Black Lamb Team Teamwork Buff

2. Wolfdog Team Teamwork Buff

3.  Wildhüter Team Teamwork Buff

4. Rattus Team Teamwork Buff

4. Black Market Trade


Black Market

– It is a Closers auction that allows you to buy and sell goods between closers.

– Items and credits traded on the black market will be transferred to the transaction details when the trade is closed.

– You can check the transaction results in the transaction history, obtain purchased/expired items and credit from your selling.

– You can access the black market through Vultures agent in each area.

– You can meet them after completing the story in Gangnam GGV, and black market trade is available after character level 36.

① Purchase Method

You can set the name or attributes of the item you want to purchase in the black market and then purchase the item you want.

Credit will be consumed immediately after purchase, and purchased items can be received on purchase history tab.

② Selling Method

– To sell an item, you have to register an item by setting a price in the Sell tab.

– The number of items that can be registered in the Black Market is limited, but the maximum number of registered items can be increased using N Coin.

–  You can receive the sale price from the purchase history tab, and if there is a lot of profits sold through the black market on the day, the sale fee increases.   (sales revenue and cumulative daily fees are reset at 04:00 a.m. daily)

※ Black market fee policy

For black market fees, the commission rates vary depending on the amount sold.

Sales fees start at a basic 3% and increase to a maximum of 10% per day. 

※ Precautions

– Item prices are adjusted weekly through updates, and the upper/lower limit is set by averaging prices based on volume and price.

– The product registration time is 12 hours, and items registered by oneself cannot be searched/checked on the black market.

5. Personal Trade


Personal Trade

– The daily transaction amount is limited by the maximum level of characters in your account, and the one-day transaction limit is limited by the level of the character trading.

– Only products with no trade restrictions can be traded.

– ‘Black market only’ products cannot be traded through personal trade, so please use the black market.

The value of the item to be traded is determined in the following method.

   * Products without trading restrictions = average black market price

   * Products that are only available for personal transactions = Shop purchase price

-The reset time of the personal transaction limit is 4am every day. 

※ Personal trading method

-You can trade only if the person you want to trade is in the same area and channel.

-Click the opponent character → character menu → personal trading.

-If the other party accepts, the personal trading window is exposed, and credits or items are posted on the trading window.

-After pressing the decision for both characters, press the ‘Personal Trading’ button to complete the trading.

※ Personal trading precaution

: Limit of personal trading is determined based on the level.