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Maintenance Update - July 10th, 2024 N

Hi Agents, some content from the Developer’s Letter is coming live! Take a look into Tiamat of the Beginning, enhanced Ancient Dragon Historic Site, and discover new chips. Plus, don’t miss the return of your favorite costumes!


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Maintenance Update - June 19th, 2024

Hi Agents, Summer’s here and so are our Summer Meeting events ♡⸜(˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ )⸝ Enjoy the perks offered during this period! Additionally, let’s take a sneak peek at Yuri and J’s Skill Remake and the new costumes we have in store for you!


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Maintenance Update - June 5th, 2024

Hi Agents, Exciting updates incoming! Start your month with fresh content: Conquest Program renewal, the all-new Lucky Card, Mini Bihyung Pet, and more are here!


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Maintenance Update - May 22nd, 2024

Hi Agents, we're excited to bring you the New Seoul Fireworks Festival, and everyone is invited to join the fun (◠︿◠✿) Additionally, brace yourselves for the Misery of Nightmare comeback and the return of the legendary costumes!


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Maintenance Update - May 8th, 2024

Good to see you again, Agents! We've got some big news to share. Watch the video to get a sneak peek at the events and costumes coming your way in this update!


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Maintenance Update - April 24th, 2024

Hi Agents, Fun Month isn’t over yet and things are only getting better! Unlock the 2nd Memorial Quest and get your hands on your favorite costumes with Memorable Costume Transmitter. But that’s not all! In Wonderland is back and available for Aeri!


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Maintenance Update - April 11th, 2024

Hi Agents! We hope you had a blast with the latest update. However, the fun has just begun! We have many events lined up for you in Fun Month–from Jumping, Closer Marbles, Special Attendance, and more. Plus, the all-new costume Demonic Heartbeat has just arrived! Sit back and enjoy (✿◠‿◠)


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2nd Password Instruction Video

Enhance your account security with the new Second Password feature. In this video, we'll guide you step-by-step on how to set the new feature. If you have any concerns, please send an email to: or click the banner below.


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Maintenance Update - Mar 27th, 2024

It's that time of the year, Agents! April Fool’s Day is here with a bunch of goodies. But that's not all – discover the costumes we offer to keep the fun going all year round!


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Maintenance Update - Mar 13th, 2024

Greetings, Agents! It's update time, and we've got some exciting events lined up for you. Join us for the Sticker Collection, Dungeon Clear event, Phase Wings expansion, and MORE! Plus, be sure to take a peek at the stunning costumes we've got in store for you!


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Maintenance Update - Feb 28th, 2024

Agents, brace yourselves for the Season 4 update! Explore the World Peace Plaza, jump your existing character, and reach level 95. Plus, don't miss out on the newest thrilling Operation: Flame Wave and MORE! Get ready for an adventure like never before!


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Maintenance Update - Feb 7th, 2024

Cheers to six incredible years! To Agents who've made the past six years unforgettable, this one's for you! Raise a toast to the festivities on this latest update. Here's to the memories and the adventures that lie ahead!