Closers Player Council 2023 Recruitment

2023-09-15 01:00

Closers Player Council 

2023 Recruitment

Closers Player Council or “CPC” consists of existing Closers players who volunteer to keep the player community safe, active, 

and in communication with the official Naddic staff.


How to be a CPC?


  • You can directly apply through our Inquiry System here. All submissions will be evaluated by the Naddic staff. Once the CPCs have been selected, their names will be announced and the Naddic staff will contact them.
  • The recruitment has a limited time and only applications made within the time period will be considered.
  • A maximum of 5 members will be accepted, and the duration of this position is only 1 year. 
  • Anyone may apply, provided they meet the requirements. The previous CPCs may reapply, and they have a good chance of being re-included if they made significant contributions.




  • Must have at least one Closers character with the current maximum level on the World server.
  • You must be up to date with the most recent Closers World server events and patch updates.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with the official staff in English (Knowing multiple languages is an asset.)
  • Must have a basic understanding of Discord.
  • Veteran players of Closers are a definite advantage.
  • No in-game infractions within the past 12 months.




  • Keep confidential or sensitive information within the CPC to avoid leaks of information regarding content in-game or player-base-related.
  • If there is any action that is considered to affect the game service, there may be arbitration by Naddic.




If you wish to join the Closers Player Council team, please send us via Customer Support Inquiry the following information. You may copy and paste these questions with your answers:


  • Inquiry category: Event/Promo
  • Character name: (input your main character’s name)
  • Event name: Closers Player Council
  • Title: Application
  • Contents:
    • Your Nickname: (please input the name you wish to be called)
    • Your Discord ID: (input your Discord ID)
    • Closers Name: (your Closers name)
    • Character Names: (your characters' name. If you have many of them please mention the most used ones only.)
    • Country: (country where you are currently residing)
    • Schedule when you are online: (your typical online time in Closers and Discord)
    • Character/s that you use the most: (Seha, all Rattus members, etc.)
    • Languages: (languages that you know)
    • Are you willing to monitor Closers Discord and other official Closers sites to report inappropriate conduct? (Yes/No)
    • Do you confirm that you will not abuse the CPC’s privileges or permissions? (Yes/No)
    • Describe why you should be accepted into the Closers Player Council:


Deadline for CPC Application

October 6, 2023 (3 weeks)

Announcement of the new batch of CPC

October 13, 2023


October 21, 2023 - October 22, 2024




         1. If I become a CPC, will I have direct contact with the Naddic support team?


Yes. We will communicate in a private Discord group. For reasons of privacy and security, you are required to send an email or submit a Support inquiry for questions or concerns related to your personal account.


         2. What does a Closers Player Council do?


  • Discord Management
    All Closers Player Council members will assist in moderating the Closers Discord server to provide a healthy and secure environment for all users.
  • Bug Reporting
    Report anything that has an unintended impact on the experience of playing Closers online. This covers localization errors, broken skills/items, visual errors, quest bugs, environment bugs, graphical errors, etc.
  • Community Feedback/Suggestion
    CPCs can communicate directly with us about what the player community is saying, and they can provide their own feedback on new updates or events.
  • Player Reporting
    Reporting players who displayed inappropriate behavior in-game or on any Closers official sites.

Details will be provided once you have chosen to be a member


         3. What benefits are offered to the Closers Player Council?


Members of the council do not receive any in-game benefits and only apply because they want to enhance the server’s gameplay experience. We want to inform you that the CPCs are not responsible for determining which updates will be applied or when they will be released, as these decisions are still made by the Naddic team.
Having determined that CPCs were effective, we will therefore distribute quarterly incentives on the first business day/scheduled maintenance date of January, April, July, and October.

X3 ELITE Status (30-Days)
3,000 Bonus N-coin (Permanent)



         4. How will I know if I am accepted as a CPC member?


After we have reviewed all applications, we will announce it on our website, official social media pages, and Discord.