Virtual Hugs: Mom's Day Screenshot Event - Win 1,000 N-Coins!

2024-05-07 10:00


Event Period

May 9, 2024 – May 19 May 26, 2024 at 9:00 AM UTC (Extended!)


Winner Announcement

May 22 May 30, 2024


Event Mechanics

▶ How to join?

  • Take a screenshot of your character with NPCs who are a mother OR an NPC you think is suitable as a mother!
  • Give a small description of why you chose this particular NPC.





Yuri finds comfort and laughter in her mother's presence. With her mom by her side, she feels brave enough to tackle any obstacle with a smile!

I picked NPC Soojin Han because I love to see Yuri smiles!


▶ Reminders

  • Character names don't need to be visible, and there are no specific dimensions required. Get as creative as you want!
  • All participants should input their Closers Name and Character Name when submitting their entry, or the whole entry will be invalid.
  • One entry per participant, using one Closers account for each category. 
  • Make sure that event mechanics and rules are followed (see Event Rules below).
  • All participants should input their Closers Name and Character Name with the title [Virtual Hugs: Mom's Day Screenshot Event] when submitting their entry, or the whole entry will be invalid.


▶ How submit my entry?

  1. Log in to your Closers account on the Closers website:
  2. After you're logged in, click [Forum] > [Art & Media] > [Event] Tab
  3. Upload your entry and make sure it is under the [Event] Tab.
    • Participants are allowed to edit or change their screenshot entries as much as they wish during the event period
  4. Make sure to include [Virtual Hugs: Mom's Day Screenshot Event] in the title.
  5. Remember to add your Closers Name and Character Name in your entry.

Criteria for Judging
▶ Creativity and Originality (40%)

  • Uniqueness and unexpected elements that set the entry apart from others.

▶ Description (40%)

  • The thoughtfulness behind your message and how it reflects the spirit of Mother's Day.

▶ Audience Impact (20%)

  • The number of '❤️' votes the entry receives in the forum.



1,000 N-Coins for a total of 5 winners.

  1. Winners will be announced on May 22 May 30 (Thursday) through the website.

Event Rules

  1. Only one entry is allowed per Closers account.
  2. All entries must be made by the submitter specifically for the purpose of this contest.
  3. All participants should include their Closers Name and Character Name when submitting their entry; otherwise, the whole entry will be invalid.
  4. No explicit contents are allowed to be seen in the entry. Any entry that can make others feel offended or uncomfortable will be removed with or without permission from the Naddic staff.
  5. Once an entry has been submitted, players agree to have their work published publicly on our official channels (Website, Steam, and SNS).
  6. If you have submitted more than one entry, we will only refer to the first entry submitted.
  7. If you need to change or edit your entry or post, remove your first entry, then re-submit it again before the event ends.
  8. The Naddic team can remove unrelated entries or discussions.
  9. The Naddic team is not liable for any violation of copyright or intellectual property. Any violations will be assumed by the event participant.
  10. Contact or for inquiries, concerns, or reports.