• Notice

    Jumping Character EX Skill
  • 2022-08-04 08:22

Hello Agents,

Thank you for taking notice of the new Jumping Character EX Skill. We would clarify a few points on what should be noted when proceeding with a Jumping Character:

  • Due to the last June 29th update, Ex skills can now be earned from their previous normal skills of level 1 instead of level 10.
  • With this change, more SPs are spent on normal skills for jumping characters unintentionally because their normal skills were set to level 10.
  • You can downgrade the current EX skills all the way back to level 1 of their normal skills and upgrade them at level 1.

We apologize for this inconvenience and the normal skill setting will be corrected starting from the next jumping character event.

Thank you! If you have any bug reports or concerns, you may contact us at or email us to