• Event

    Cheap Cosplay Contest
  • 2022-06-05 12:00

Cheap Cosplay Contest

We present to you our first Cosplay event with a twist!

Gather materials and create a cosplay that resembles Characters, NPC, Pets, Monsters, Items, and Costumes in Closers Online!

Event Period

By Timezone UTC PDT GMT+7
Start June 5 at 12:00 AM UTC June 4 at 05:00 PM PDT June 5 at 07:00 AM GMT+7
End July 3 at 12:00 AM UTC July 2 at 05:00 PM PDT July 3 at 07:00 AM GMT+7

Entry Submission

Join us in the Official Closers Discord server and upload your entries in #cheap-cosplay-contest channel.

Contest Mechanics
  • Join in the Official Closers Discord server.
    • Check #discord-events channel for the event details
    • Submit your entries in #cheap-cosplay-contest channel
  • Submit your entry in image, video, or GIF format.
  • Make sure to input the following information with your entry:
    • Closers Name
    • Character Name
    • Input the name of the character, NPC, monster, boss, pet, or item that you are trying to replicate


  1. 1) You may submit extra images for additional reference of what you are portraying (max of 3 images).
  2. 2) This is a real life cosplay event, the more effort that you made the craft in-real life the higher the chance to win!


Contest Rules
  • A participant can only win once during the whole event period.
  • Make sure YOU made it! All entries must be made by the submitter specifically for the purposes of this contest. Work previously submitted to any other contest will not be accepted. Commissioned works will not be accepted.
  • All entries will be judged by Naddic team and 10% will be from the Discord react votes.
  • In case that you wanted to change it, please delete your first entry then upload your new entry during the event period.
  • Any non-Closers cosplay images that are added to their entry will be invalid.
  • Participants should also follow the rules and guidelines to receive the participation reward.
  • Minors are not permitted to participate in the cosplay contest (18 yrs below).
  • Entries can be provided in image, video, or GIF format only.
  • Costume Guidelines:
    • Real Firearms are strictly prohibited. All Props and Cosplay must not cause any safety issues.
    • No nudity.
    • No revealing costumes.
    • No profanity. This includes messages on clothes, props, or background.
    • No poor sportsmanship, harassment, or bullying.
    • Entries with NSFW content will not be permitted

Additional Notice
  • Your entries will be posted publicly on our official channels (Website, Steam, and SNS).
  • Your entries will be used as example entries for the next similar events.

Criteria for Judging

Audience Impact
How the participant made their costume, use of materials and creativity, attention to detail Thoughtful use of materials, ingenuity, personalized embellishments, etc. How closely the costume resembles the source material and/or how well it interprets and reminds the judges of the design of the source material. ‘👍’ votes in Discord (Any other Discord reacts will not be counted)

Event Rewards

Event rewards that are not cheap!

Rank Rewards
1st 10,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
2nd 7,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
3rd 5,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
4th 3,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
5th 2,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
All Valid Participants 1,000 UMP

Example of Entries

Closers Name: CLSRSTony / Character Name: Tony / Portraying KalbachTux

Closers Name: CLSRSAngela / Character Name: Angela / Portraying Luna in Midnight Crusader Costume
Closers Name: CLSRSDale / Character Name: Dale / Portraying Long Cat