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    Marvelous Updates & Renewals
  • 2022-02-14 12:00

Marvelous Updates & Renewals

Splendid updates and renewals starts now! Enjoy the new updates and more amazing rewards that is in store for you!

Marvelous Updates & Renewals


Dungeon Loading Screen Renewal

Image Skins and Visual Frames are now in

bigger portraits.


Foot Print Costume Slot Open

A new costume slot for Footprint is now available where you could walk in cool animations.



Level Design Improvements
Character level design has been improved and adjusted for a better experience.



Selfie Mode
In-game screenshot feature has been updated where you can fully customize every shot.


Black Market Improvements
Black Market features has been improved where you could add items as Favorites, search items much faster, and evaluating system is added. 


Seha/Sylvi Face Model Improvement
Seha and Sylvi’s face models has been restructured to have better details. 


New Costume Slot – Footprint

A new costume slot has been unlocked! Purchase it from the In-game Shop or in the UMP Store!

Footprint Item Name Price
Footprint Visual Slot Open 100 N-coin
Transparent Dimensional Footprint [Visual] 400 N-coin
Galaxy Footprint (Special Category) 200,000 UMP


Galaxy Footprint – UMP Shop


Small Eletronic Circuit Footprint – Dungeon Clear Event