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    Vultures Secret Store
  • 2022-01-12 07:00

Vultures Secret Store

Unlock the secrets and reveal exclusive items from the Vultures Secret Store Package promotion!

The secret store appears for a limited time once a user has accomplished these conditions.

Condition Product Name
Drop 1 out of Asmodeus New Epic Gears EX Spec-Up Package
Open a New User D Count’s Growth Support Box – Lv.10 New Closer Exclusive Package
Open a Returning User D Count’s Growth Support Box – Lv.10 Returning Closer Exclusive Package
Receive at least 1 type of Shining Star Clothes through Conversion Shining Star Tuning Support Package
Acquire 1 kind of Solomon Outfit Costumes through Conversion Solomon Outfit Tuning Support Package
 Reach Level 90   Level 90 Celebration Package 

All can be activated or purchased once per account/character, Returning Closer Exclusive Package has a 90-Days reset, Reaching level 90 is only until February 16, 2022, Purchase Restriction Time of these products is 7-Days

Level 90 Celebration Package


x1 Signature Costume Full Set Selection Box (30-Day)*
x1 Elite Status (30-Day)
x1 Gardening Voucher (30-Day)
x1 Maid Service Voucher (30-Day)
x1 +13 Gear Booster


Package Value: 3,470 Now for only 990 N-coins!
71% Discount
Purchase Limit: None

Signature Costume Full Set Selectable Box

Signature Costume Full Set Selectable Box (30-Day) Remarks
x1 Dark Command Full Set Box (30-Day)
x1 Cybernetics Full Set Box (30-Day) Not available for Luna, Soma, Bai, Seth and Rattus Team
x1 Zenith Full Set Box (30-Day)
x1 Fallen Night Full Set (30-Day)
x1 Draconian Full Set Box (30-Day) Not availabe for Eunha and Lucy