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Solomon StoryWildhüter

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The Librarian of Shadow

There was a Closer.
He was not exceptionally strong.
He was a quiet man who had the ability to heal and loved to read.
He did not possess any fighting prowess, but since he possessed healing skills,
he was often sent to dangerous operations.
Even when he was put in life-and-death situations, he was always calm and dedicated.
He truly was an exemplary Closer
who did not mind being injured and made efforts to save his comrades and citizens.

But one mission completely changed his life.
In a remote jungle in South America,
an object shaped like a <thin black plank> suddenly appeared
and a black shadow-like creature emerged from the plank
and started attacking the residents in that area.

The Closer arrived at the scene with his teammates in a hurry
and encountered a creature that looked like human, and covered in dark armor like a black knight.
It was a creature that they have never seen before.
Suddenly, the creature lunged and attacked the Closer and the man was hit by the black knight’s powerful attack.
On the verge of death,
the man hears a voice.

The man cannot recall what exactly the voice told him.
But he stood up as if he were possessed
and dashed towards the black plank,
trying to reach it.

At that moment, the man could hear the voice in his head again.
He clearly remembers what the voice had told him.
“Choose its form.”
When he came back to his senses, the black plank had disappeared,
but an open book with a black cover was in his hand.
Soon afterwards, the black knight walked towards him,
but the man was not afraid.
The black knight soon knelt before the man as if it was trying to express its loyalty.
That was the moment when the first <Librarian of The Black Book> was born.
The Closer and black knight are now one.

The Librarian of Black Book was placed under emergency isolation by UNION afterwards.
He had no difficulty living,
but he was deprived of freedom.
However, the Librarian understood and respected the decision that UNION had made.
He just nodded his head, saying that this was all for the welfare of humanity.

UNION kept conducting experiments on Black Book and its Librarian,
but there was nothing much they could find out.
However, UNION was able to at least figure out three things about the two.
1) There is no external force, including Phase Force, that can destroy Black Book.
2) Black Book has its own will and attempts to take possession of its librarian.
3) The Librarian can confine the remaining evil of dimensional monsters in Black Book and summon it as his follower.

UNION was pleased to hear
that the Librarian can control the remaining evil of dimensional monsters.
It is because they finally found a way to fight against “evil spirit”-type dimensional monsters
that were almost impossible to wage war with.

This is the reason the Librarian of Black Book
became UNION’s “specialist”
who would usually participate in experiments in the designated isolation zone,
but move out to solve cases where he had to deal with “evil spirits.”
In a sense, he became a slave that was deprived of his freedom,
but the librarian of Black Book accepted his fate
and had a good relationship with the staff who were conducting experiments.
He just nodded his head, saying that this was all for the welfare of humanity.

On a Christmas day after a few years later,
an incident where “evil spirit” was involved occurred
so, the librarian of Black Book was sent to the scene.
[An unusually powerful evil spirit appeared and numerous Closers sacrificed their lives.
Because of the evil spirit that had no shape, Closers have been driven to madness.]


The librarian of Black Book stated that he would cure them with his own healing ability,
but UNION did not allow him to do so.
UNION ordered him to stay focused on seizing the evil spirit.

It was snowing quietly on the street.
The Librarian came face to face with the horrible evil spirit that only he could see.
He quietly opened Black Book, while facing the horrible creature in front of him.
Whenever he solved numerous cases, Black Book was filled with its enemy’s evil spirit……
And now, there was only one page left.
The Librarian already knew
that something would be completed the moment the last page was filled.
But he was currently facing an enemy that only he was capable of dealing with,
so, he had no time to hesitate.

The Librarian desperately fought against the most powerful evil spirit
and despite his serious injuries, he finally managed to defeat it.
If the evil spirit remains free, it will soon recover its power.
The Librarian approached the evil spirit in order to capture it.
As he filled the last page with the most powerful evil spirit


something was completed.

What would happen once every page of Black Book is filled?
This was the question in mind for the researchers who were studying Black Book.
They came up with various conclusions.
But that night, it was proven that all their findings were all wrong.
The very moment every single page was filled, the shape of the book gradually changed.
It changed into “Darkness” that was even more horrible than the evil spirit that the Librarian had just fought in combat.
That’s when the Librarian finally realized to his shock.
The Black Book is a tome that shouldn’t be completed.
The moment when all the pages were filled, this was the moment that the book evolved into a perfect “body”.
This was something that was born to herald the end of the world…

Its form was full of madness and rage.
It had a silhouette of a giant that was tens of meters tall,
its upper half of its face didn’t exist, as if it was cut off,
and what seemed was its mouth formed an eerily long but narrow smile.
Below its pale face and neck, was a body that was shaped like a dark cloak hanging from its frame,
Countless tentacles were writhing at the edge of its body.
There was a sound coming from deep within its body
and the sound was created by the numerous “mouths” that were contained inside the monstrous form.


Something was attempting to cross over into our dimension.
Something inside it was gnashing its teeth together.
Something was smacking its lips while hungrily gazing at our world.


Its mere existence is a tragedy in itself,
but what was more horrific was what lay inside the entity.
It truly was the <one that devours all>.


The mouth that should never be opened
was about to be opened.
It truly was a sight that would drive anyone who witness it to madness and despair.

Despite the horrific entity, the Librarian didn’t fall into madness and despair.
Instead, in the blink of an eye,
he remembered the face of his wife and his daughter.
He had not seen them since he was placed under isolation and this gave him much needed strength.
He grabbed the book with all his might and the foul creature tried to break away from his grip.
Summoning every bit of energy he had, he uttered with a commanding voice,
“Delete everything.”

The deletion of the contents.
It was the certain power that the Librarian of Black Book had.
He had the skill to eliminate evil spirits in the book.
However, the librarian only used this ability a few times.
During the experiments, he discovered that his body
could change into a black and shapeless form at will.
It was as if he was turning into a shadow.
The Librarian was not adept at using this ability,
but his experience in using it was enough to turn one of his hands into a black and shapeless shadow.
And now, he is going to use that skill on all of the pages.
“Delete everything.”
And the Librarian knew what that meant, better than anyone else.

Through sheer will and great effort, he was able to activate his shadow skill.
At this point, the “Door” that was about to be completed was destroyed and a horrible shriek emanated from the entity.
While this was happening,
the Librarian’s body began to turn into a shadow at a rapid rate.

While he was transformed, the Librarian’s mind
reached out into infinity and had touched the edge of the universe, a place where the source of wisdom was found.
In this place of the cosmos, immeasurable knowledge and understanding flowed into his consciousness.


He now understood what the Black Book truly is and who its creator was,
he found out the true identity of the “one who devours all”, the all-consuming entity that was almost unleashed into the world,
and he found out what he was about to become.


This is how the Librarian gained knowledge of all things at the edge of the universe.
But as with everything that was gained, there always comes a price,
The Librarian’s memory and physical form began to fade.
The Librarian’s transformation was then complete. He could not even remember who he was, and his body had completely crumbled.
The Librarian, once a man, is now finally a black shadow itself.

Not long afterwards, everything calmed down.
There was a book lying on the ground, and its pages were all blank,
except for the one page that was written about black knight.
By its side stood a lonely shadow, quietly still,
with no sign of it picking up the book that was laying on the ground.
The snow began to fall, and it passed through the still shadow silently.

UNION named that shadow as “Solomon.”
UNION first retrieved Black Book and moved it to a secure area.
Solomon did not show any reaction and kept standing still during that process.
UNION also attempted to retrieve Solomon afterwards,
but it was impossible.
Because Solomon was like a shadow, there was no physical method of seizing it.
Therefore, UNION has purchased the land around the area and designated it as an isolation zone.
Solomon just stood alone on the empty street like a scarecrow.
He stood there alone for many years, unmoving and silent……

Three years later, there was an attempt by a researcher to take the Black Book out.
The cause is still unknown, and it is uncertain to which individual or group the book was meant to be delivered.
But that doesn’t really matter.
The important thing is that a Closer died in the incident,
and another Closer nearby was selected to become the next “Librarian.”
When UNION realized that the choice was made by the book,
they kept it a secret from the new Librarian
and sent researchers to the isolation zone where the first Librarian is located.
The team expected an event to happen in the zone and the shadow to manifest some activity.

However, the shadow kept completely still.
It didn’t show any reaction.
After spending days of observation in vain,
UNION left only a few people on staff for surveillance and withdrew from the isolation zone,
and decided to keep everything a secret from the new Librarian.
It’s because they’ve believed that it won’t do any good to let the current Librarian know
what tragic event befell the original Librarian.

In time, the second “Librarian of Black Book” was becoming more adept at his new role and learned to master his skills.
He now has comrades and students by his side.
Although the Librarian would grumble at times, he was loyal to his duty and performed the tasks assigned to him well.
Despite this new Librarian and his activities, the shadow was still.
Unmoving and silent, standing still from the day it was formed……

However, one day, Solomon moved.
The Librarian had absorbed an evil spirit during the course of his duty
and there were seven pages left in the book.
At that moment, Solomon, who stayed still up until now, had finally moved.
His deep-black body shot up into the air without warning
and in an instant,
he flew towards a destination at high speed.
Solomon was headed directly for the second Librarian.

Despite the distance, Solomon had arrived in a few minutes.
Solomon travelled for 4,000 KMs and is now standing in front of the second Librarian.
For a brief moment, the Librarian was stunned
by the sudden appearance of a shadowy figure,
but he immediately recovered and stood ready for combat.

Wolfgang Schneider.
This was the name of the new Librarian.
Solomon suddenly started attacking Wolfgang without warning.
UNION thought that since Solomon’s nature was like that of a shadow, it couldn’t be affected by any physical damage
and at the same time, he also can’t use any physical force on anyone.
But they were proven wrong.
The shadow could exercise a limited amount of physical force but it was enough to pose a threat.
Solomon charged towards Wolfgang to tear him apart with his supernaturally powerful grip.

Wolfgang dodged Solomon’s attacks by a hair’s breadth,
but the dark shadow’s essence made contact with the Librarian’s body.
Whenever Wolfgang and Solomon came in contact,
Wolfgang learned about the shadow’s past.
He learned that Solomon used to be the ‘Librarian of Black Book,’ just like him……
He learned that Solomon had turned into this shadowy being because he used Black Book to fight……
He learned that Solomon had a wife and a daughter when he was alive………
He learned that Solomon’s consciousness had perished,
but the last remnants of his humanity brought himself here…

When Wolfgang finally learned the truth, he let his guard down.
And muttered a question to the shadow.
“Are you trying to stop me?”
Solomon didn’t answer, but only kept attacking.
“Are you trying to prevent the last page of Black Book from being filled?”
There was no response, only vicious strikes.
“Do you want me to put down Black Book?!” he yelled.
Solomon…………………… finally stopped attacking.

They both stood in silence.
Soon afterward, three small figures jumped in between them.
In the very front, there was a girl who was holding a shield with trembling arms,
there was a girl pointing tonfas with an angry face,
and there was a girl who was roaring while baring her teeth and her claws……

However, Solomon paid no attention to them and resumed his savage attacks against Wolfgang with his claw.
But at that moment……
Something stabbed Solomon from behind.
“Stay away from him!” yelled a furious voice.
It was a woman and she had eyes of different colors.
The fighter stabbed Solomon from behind with her icy sword.

In all the frantic combat, Solomon had looked down at the woman’s face for a moment.
Just then, his hand moved.
The woman quickly reacted to the attack, but she couldn’t parry Solomon.
Solomon’s hand soon touched the woman’s forehead.
At that moment, the woman immediately learned what kind of fate Wolfgang would meet in the end.
The moment she understood everything, she flopped down to the ground.

The same thing was repeated against the other three combatants.
Whenever Solomon’s hand touched them,
they all flopped down on the ground.
Wolfgang and Solomon were the only ones who remained standing.
“I guess, you’re the first one eh.”
Wolfgang exclaimed.
“It seems I now know about you and your past.”
Solomon didn’t answer, but Wolfgang continued to speak.
“But it also means that you know about me, don’t you?”
During their battle, Wolfgang learned about Solomon’s past by coming in contact with him several times.
Wolfgang correctly deduced that it would also work the other way around.
“Especially that I am a bastard who always gets my way!”
The moment he finished saying those words,
everyone there realized something.
Solomon’s intent to destroy his successor seemed to have ceased.

Solomon moved towards the woman wielding Ice Blade.
And he placed his hand on her head.
No mortal could react quick enough. The shadow’s movements were precise and swift.
The woman of Ice Blade, Bai Winchester, began to speak.
“The shadow… thought that you might make a different choice.”
She was on the verge of tears as she was speaking as waves of emotion come crashing down on her mind.
“He thought that you might refuse to make the ultimate sacrifice at the last moment when it counted the most. The risk was too great, and it might bring an end to this world.”
The other girls were also shocked to hear this.
“However.… he now understands who you are.”
Wolfgang was silent.
“He’s saying that if you’d permit him…… he’d like to stay by your side……!”
Wolfgang let out a wry smile and said;
“Do as you wish. I know you’re going to tag along even if I said no.”

Solomon made use of a hidden room in Castle Wildhüter as his base.
And he reached out his hand to those who came to visit him, seeking his wisdom and knowledge.
Solomon gave gifts to the people that he has touched.
He provided them with the ability and understanding to foresee the future, a powerful skill he obtained when his consciousness and essence was at the edge of the universe.
These people were also able to summon a shadow that resembles Solomon, which was hidden inside the Closers……
Whoever obtained Solomon’s power…
was reborn and has taken a step further in his or her potential.

One day, a girl visited the shadow’s domain.
It was the girl with a shield that stood in combat between Wolfgang and Solomon.
The girl, named Luna Aegis, said,
“I won’t allow my teacher to turn into a shadow……!”


Another person stepped into Solomon’s room.
It was the girl with tonfas named Soma
Soma said replied
“I won’t let my teacher turn into something like this. I’m sure there’s a way to change the future……!”


Finally, the third girl appeared.
It was the girl with claws, Seth
She then said,
“Seth won’t allow it to happen. Seth will never allow him to turn into a shadow!”


Eventually, a woman visited the room.
It was the woman with Ice Blade.
The woman with Ice Blade, Bai Winchester, didn’t say anything to Solomon.
She just glared at the shadow for a while and left.

Finally, a man came to see the shadow.
It was the Librarian of Black Book, Wolfgang Schneider.
He was about to say something, as if he had been thinking about it for quite a while.
But before he was able to utter a word, Solomon reached out with his hand to Wolfgang
and allowed his successor to connect with his mind.


“That’s right. I have them by my side.”


“I bet they’d be by my side even at the last moment.”


“There’s a chance that I’d meet a different end……”


“So, there’s no need for you to worry about me.”


In an instant, Solomon grabbed a book next to him and hurled it at Wolfgang,
as if he was trying to express that he was not worried about him at all.
Wolfgang barely dodged the book and laughed.


“Oh? Why so feisty? “Are you jealous of me now?” He said with a chuckle.

“Oh, and one more thing.”


“Even if I do end up like you, formless shadow and all, I don’t really mind”


“I’d just have to get used to becoming something like you, a shadow, that would protect my team……!”

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