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    SEPTEMBER 8th Update Patch Notes
  • 2021-09-07 11:21

SEPTEMBER 8th Update Patch Notes

Contents & System

PNA System Renewal & Gremory’s Science Facility

  • New Dungeon Gremory’s Science Facility has been updated.
Dungeon Name 



Recommended TCP  Gear Lv.  Entrance Restriction  Entrance Day 
Gremory’s Science Facility  88  15M  160  Once per character per day  WED/THU/SAT
Gremory’s Science Facility: Mild  88 6M  150  Once per character per day WED/THU/SAT
  • Gremory Science Facility can be entered through Gremory’s Dimensional Gate at Planar Gate.
  • Gremory Science Facility opens on every WED/THU/SAT.
  • Gremory Science Facility requires ‘Doctor’s Crisis’ quest clear.
  • Gremory Science Facility related achievements and titles have been added.
  • New dungeons will be included to crew reputation.
  • New dungeons will be included to EX channel bonus.
  • Quest dungeon Gremory’s Class: Degree Course has been added.
  • Operation/conquest Progress reward has been added to Gremory dungeons.
  • Some dungeons will not provide PNA EXP anymore.
  • Crew dungeon, Commercial/ Guro/ New Seoul/ Gangnam Circuit, Legion Commander dungeons.
  • Some dungeons will newly provide PNA EXP.
  • Ancient Dragon Historic Sites, Subjugation/Battle Program dungeons.
  • Amount of PNA EXP from some dungeons have adjusted.
  • Planar Gate, Planar Gate: Deep Layer, Dream Theater, Dream Theater (Reverse).
  • Methods to obtain PNA genes have been changed.
  • PNA Random Boxes are not obtainable from quest reward, NPC shop and dungeon clear reward (excluding first clear drop) anymore.
  • New PNA Box has been added to Vending Machine General Support Shop tab.
  • Components of some PNA Random Boxes have been changed.
  • Evolution success rate of all PNA genes has been increased by 10%.
  • Name of some PNA genes have been changed.
  • Stats of some PNA genes has been improved.
  • PNA EXP increase has been added to Lore Talisman and Extreme Fighter buff.

Monster Armor Type Reorganization

  • Monster armor type has been reorganized into 9 types.
  • Armor type options for some gears/set options/titles have been removed or modified.
  • Armor type options for chips/PNA amplifiers have been modified.
  • Armor type options for some buffs have been modified.
  • New armor types have been applied to existing dungeons. Dungeon UI will show according to armor type of the dungeon.

PNA Mutant System

  • PNA Mutant System has been updated.
  • Click ‘MUTANT’ tab on the top of the PNA UI to use Mutant system.
  • Each Mutant provide specialized stats for each armor types. Only one Mutant can be activated at a time.
  • When Auto Apply of Mutant system is ON, the Mutant will be automatically activated according to the dungeon you enter.
  • Level of Each Mutant will be increased according to PNA EXP gained by characters with PNA level 80 or higher while active and can be grown up to level 20.
  • Mutant system can be used after completing the ‘Mutation Gene’ quest.
  • Each mutation carries a ‘variant‘.
  • Each mutation has a ‘variant‘, and with achieving certain level, the ‘variant slot’ will be opened, and you can equip the variants.
  • There are several variants in the specified mutation level, and you can select and equip one of the variants in the same row.
  • Each variant has a grade, and the higher the grade, the higher the variant’s stats.
  • When a variant achieves a certain level, an additional ‘mutation optimization bonus’ will be applied.
  • Restructure Mutation system that changes the grade of a variant has been added.
  • You can increase the grade of a variant through the ‘Restructure Mutation’ button in the Mutant UI.
  • A certain amount of ‘mutation material’ will be consumed when the variant level is raised, and the required amount varies for each variant type and grade.
  • Mutation materials’ can be obtained by synthesizing PNA enhancement materials and evolution materials and can be obtained with a certain probability when clearing the Gremory Science Facility dungeon.
  • The more you repeat the synthesis of PNA enhancement materials and evolution materials, the more the required number of materials increases, and it resets at 4:00 AM UTC every day.

Babel Program 40th Floor Expansion

  • Max Floor of Babel Program has been expanded from 30th to 40th.
  • Entrance time per character has been changed from 6 times per a week to 7 times per a month.
  • Reset schedule of Babel Program has been changed from weekly to monthly.
  • Monthly reset will happen on 1st of every month at 4:00 AM UTC.

Character Skill Balance Update

  • Some character’s skills have been adjusted. Please check the details in the provided link.
  • Common Passive Skill
Transcendental Power (Passive Skill)
1) All armor type damage increase option will be removed.
2) Physical/Psi Power will increase by +10 per skill level. (Skill Lv.10 – Physical/Psi Power +100)
3) Physical/Psi Crit Damage Bonus will increase by +2% per skill level (Skill Lv.10 – Physical/Psi Crit Damage Bonus +20%)
4)Attack Speed will increase by +0.5% per skill level. (Skill Lv.10 – Attack Speed +5%)

UNION Watch Renewal

  • UNION Watch became account content.
  • If the highest-level character in the account is level 20 or higher, the UNION Watch UI is displayed at the top of the character status window.
  • UNION Watch missions are determined according to the level of the highest-level character in the account.
  • UNION Watch and Contribution system have been integrated so that the Contribution UI is no longer displayed.
  • UNION Watch Missions has been categorized.
  • You can select the mission category in the upper left corner of the UNION Watch UI, and missions and rewards are shared by all characters in the account.
  • Daily Mission: This is a mission that can be progressed daily, and the mission and rewards are reset at 4:00 AM UTC every day.
  • Weekly Mission: This is a mission that can be progressed on a weekly basis, and the mission and rewards are reset every Saturday at 4:00 AM UTC.
  • Dungeon Mission: This is the same mission as the mission provided in Contribution system, and the mission and rewards are reset every day at 4:00 AM UTC.
  • UNION Watch Reward has been renewed.
  • UNION Watch clear achievement has been changed.
  • Previously: Achievements can be progressed when all UNION Watch missions cleared.
  • Changed: You can proceed with the achievements when you acquire UNION Watch bonus rewards from daily/weekly
  • Exchange items have been updated to UNION Watch tab in Vending Machine.
  • Lucky Phase Token is now movable to account storage.

Teamwork Buff Renewal

  • Teamwork Buff System has been renewed.
  • Click the Teamwork Buff button in the character information list at the bottom to display the UI.
  • You can place the character created in your account in the team buff slot.
  • Your team’s points increase as much as the level of the placed character.
  • If team of the slot and the placed character matches, additional points will be obtained.
  • Only characters with higher promotion than regular agent/crew or resolver can be placed in the team buff slot.
  • Stats are determined according to the points acquired from each team, and the currently applied stats can be checked in the Stats window.
  • After placing the character in the team buff slot, click the ‘Apply’ button to complete the placement, and the added stats will be reflected in the Total Combat Power.

Name Tag System

  • New decoration – Name tag has been updated.
  • Name tag system is for decorating your character’s name displayed on the top of your character model.
  • Name tag system is applied per character, not per account.
  • Name tag can be set in Skin PackIllustName Tag menu.
  • Name tags cannot be individually selected for each category – Hub, Dungeon and UNION Arena. The selected name Tag will be displayed in everywhere.
  • You cannot use the same name tag ticket while holding the permanent name tag.

Enhancement System Changes

Investigation Group Convenience Improvement

  • Some improvements have been made for the convenience of the investigation group.
  • Crew Channel of the created investigation group is displayed on the Find Investigation Group page.
  • If crew channel of the selected investigation group and your character are different, you can jump to the corresponding crew channel.
  • Characters in other crew channels now can be invited to the investigation group.
  • The invitee can directly jump to the crew channel of the investigation group.
  • If the character invited to the investigation group is not in hub, has joined another squad, or has not cleared the required mission, invitation failure pop-up will be displayed.
  • If the character invited to the investigation group is displaying another UI, the invitation failure message will not be displayed.

Transcendence Stone Convenience Improvement 

  • Some transcendence stone extract crafting has been added. 
  • Transcendence Stone Extracts of the Ocean King / Locust Hell/ Old Castle have been added.
  • The names of transcendence stones/extracts in the Matter Mixer and the order of the crafting list have been changed.
  • The names of transcendence stones/extracts have been changed to make it easier to understand the corresponding transcendence level and gear type of the item.

Chip System UI Improvement 

  • If there is insufficient credit for chip crafting, the credit will be displayed in red.
  • UI will clearly show how many chips you are crafting and the crafting count.
  • When overclock EXP decreased with the chip transfer, an alert will be displayed.
  • +0 gears cannot be registered to Chip Transfer UI with an alert.

▶ Locust Hell Farming Difficulty Mitigation

      •  Notice: This will be applied during the Centum City update. We ask for your understanding. 

Trigger System Improvement 

  • You can access the trigger pop-up through the Mission Map for all dungeons.
  • You can use Trigger menu without going back to hubs after clearing dungeons.
  • Trigger Preset’ feature has been added.

TCP Calculation Changes 

  • Defense Penetration options are reflected to the Total Combat Power calculation.
  • Defense Penetration options have been added to some gear set options.
  • Fierce Dimensional Beast / Verita Trinket Set / Despair of the Unknown Closer.

IF Dungeon Changes

  • IF dungeons now share their entrance restriction.
  • IF dungeon entrance restriction has been loosened.
  • F dungeon entrance restrictions have been decreased to 50%.
  • EXP/ PNA EXP/ Credits from IF dungeons have been increased to 200%.
  • Amount of drop items from monsters in IF dungeons has been increased to 200%.
  • Number of clear rewards of IF dungeons has been increased to 200%.


Gremory Science Facility Event

  • Event Period: September 8, 2021 maintenance to October 20, 2021 maintenance

Babel Program 40th Floor Expansion Event

  • Event Period: September 8, 2021 maintenance to September 23, 2021 maintenance

Farming Fever Event

  • Event Period: September 8, 2021 maintenance  to November 3, 2021 maintenance

New/Returned Player Event Renewal

  • Event Period: September 8, 2021 maintenance until next renewal
  • New Player Target: Players who creates Closers account after September 8, 2021, 8:00 AM UTC.
  • Returned Player Target: Players who have not logged in Closers for over 30 days.
  • For the players who hold the existing new/returned events, there will be no reset or reward change.

The events below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Eunha Black Hands Event
  • Summer Festival Part.2
  • Closers Weekend



Icon Ruby/Sapphire Costume Packages

  • Sales Period: September 8, 2021 to year-around

Enhancement UP Packages

  • Sales Period: September 8, 2021 to September 23, 2021

Gremory Packages

  • Sales Period: September 8, 2021 to October 6, 2021

The sales below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Summer Festival Packages
  • Closers Weekend Packages
  • Steam Punk Costume Premium Packages
  • Accumulative Charge Promotion


White Cat Club (+Eunha)

  • For all female characters
  • Sales Period: September 8, 2021 to October 6, 2021
  • Multiple Chance applied for the whole period!

Icon Washing Machine

  • Seha to Wolfgang
  • Sales Period: September 8, 2021 to October 6, 2021
  • Multiple Chance applied for the whole period!

Lorelei Pet Transmitter

  • Sales Period: September 8, 2021 to December 1, 2021

The sales below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Urban Fighter
  • Midsummer Melody
  • Dark Transmitter


▶ The number of daily entry times for Gremory Dungeon ‘Mindworks’ and ‘Bodyworks’ dungeon has been changed

  • Entrance time of ‘Mindworks’,Bodyworks’ dungeons have been integrated and changed to twice per a day per character.
  • After clearing ‘Mindworks’ and ‘Bodyworks’ dungeons, you can directly go to the next dungeon, without going back to hubs.

▶ Crafting cost for Glutton Locked Gears in Fantasy World: Dream Theater (Reverse) has been decreased.

▶ Transcendence Level of Purification gears have been reduced.

Purification Trinket 6 Set Box item crafting has been added to Purification Ops Matter Mixer. (Once per character)

▶ Text size in game will be automatically changed based on the resolution setting.

▶ New custom parts and name tag for Gold Hero Plate exchange have been added.

▶ The amount of contribution points from some dungeons has been changed.

▶ Contribution Point crafting list has been removed from Matter Mixers and moved to Vending Machine.

▶ Specification for unidentified items has been changed.

  • When selling unidentified items, full price will be applied.

▶ Unidentified items now can be salvaged and can be included in total salvaging.

▶ Buff option for crew ‘Gaming Zone’ buff has been changed to ‘Damage Dealt Increase 5%’.

▶ Locust Hell gears/Transcended Gears/Elite grade or higher Trigger gears will not be included in total salvage target.

▶ Enhancement bonus for all amplifier gears has been increased.

▶ Transcendence Accelerant Lv.1 ~ Lv.5 items has been integrated into Transcendence Accelerant (ALL)

▶ ‘Damage Dealt Increase’ stat in UNION Arena will be applied up to 20% at maximum.

▶ Overload difficulty of Plop in Audience: Ocean King Asmodeus dungeon has been eased.

▶ Crafting recipe of ‘T1 Colored Chip’ has been added.

▶ Bug Lump exchange list has been added to Vending Machines.

▶ Requirements for some story dungeons have been removed.

▶ Difficulty of Operation Hermes Story dungeons in Busan area have been decreased.

▶ UNION Camp max level has been expanded to 19.

▶ Obtainable points from using Finishing Move skills in the investigation group play has been changed.

▶ When completing investigation group play, 1st/2nd/3rd ranks according to the obtained points will be displayed.

▶ Cooldown for Phase/Luck Stabilizer items have been changed to 999 seconds.

▶ Server Down Issue Compensation

      • Compensation for the server down last August 23rd
      • Distribution Period: September 8, 2021 maintenance – September 22, 2021 maintenance
Aug 23rd Server Down Compensation
Elite Status (1-Day)
Maid Service Voucher (3-Day)
Gardening Voucher (3-Day)