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    Babel 40th Expansion
  • 2021-08-25 05:29

Babel 40th Expansion

The max floor of the Babel Program will also be expanded from 30 to 40 floors.

Babel reset schedule will be changed from weekly to monthly during this schedule:

Timezone First of Every Month
PDT 9:00 PM PDT (the day before)
GMT +7 11:00 AM GMT +7

Don’t forget to claim your rewards before September 8, 2021 UTC to avoid losing it! The Babel runs will also reset during the maintenance.

Get Growth Material Selection Boxes on the 32nd floor!

Growth Material Selection Box ver.1.1
x1 Fly King Fragment
x2 Glutton King’s Chain
x2 Scorpion Chip
x5 Apocalypse Thorn
x1 Muscular Bug Lump
x1 Devotion Bug Lump

Babel 40th Expansion Event

The longer you stay, the better the rewards!

Receive an instant +13 Gear Booster when you reached the highest required stay duration.

Event Period

September 8, 2021 – September 23, 2021

Time Item Name
Login x10 Babel Coin
1-hour x20 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule
2 hours x2 Normal D Component: Gear
3 hours x10 Gear Booster Fuel I
5 hours x1 Splendid D Component: Gear
10 hours x1 Lucky Gear Boost I
15 hours x10 Gear Booster Fuel I
20 hours x50 Pet Core
25 hours x1 Gear Booster Fortifier
30 hours x1 +13 Gear Booster