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    Summer Vacation Packages
  • 2021-07-13 12:49

Summer Vacation Packages

Here are some of the hot deals for this summer season. Summer Vacation Packages is a go-to for every agent!

Sales Period

July 21, 2021 – August 18, 2021 UTC

[Summer Vacation] All-in-One Package

x1 SS Guaranteed D Component: Gear
x1 S Guaranteed D Component: Costume
x3 Alpha Equalizer
x100 Gear Booster Fuel I
x10 Gear Booster Fortifier
x20 Transcendental Elixir
x30 Quality Assurance Seal
x20 Slot Type Modification Tool
x1 Real Platinum Driver
x1 T1 Platinum Chip Selection Box
x100 Pet Core
x10 Burnout Paradise Sector Pass
 10,000 UMP 


Package Value: 22,290 Now for only 9,900 N-coins!
56% Discount
Purchase Limit: Once per account per week

[Summer Vacation] Transcendence Package

x55 Transcendental Elixir
x2 Shape Memory Device
 5,000 UMP 


Package Value: 6,530 Now for only 4,990 N-coins!
24% Discount
Purchase Limit: None

[Summer Vacation] Enhancement Package

x10 Gear Booster Fortifier
x100 Gear Booster Fuel I
 3,000 UMP 


Package Value: 3,900 Now for only 2,990 N-coins!
23% Discount
Purchase Limit: None

[Summer Vacation] Gear Tuning Package

x1 S Guaranteed D Component Gear
x5 Alpha Equalizer
x10 Splendid D Component: Gear
x20 Normal D Component: Gear
 3,000 UMP 


Package Value: 5,890 Now for only 2,990 N-coins!
49% Discount
Purchase Limit: 5 times per account

[Summer Vacation] Costume Conversion Package

x6 Shining Synchro Fiber
x100 Greater Phase Fiber
x6 Signature Synchro Fiber Selection Box
 2,000 UMP 


Package Value: 2,640 Now for only 1,990 N-coins!
25% Discount
Purchase Limit: Twice per account