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    May Chain Discount
  • 2021-04-23 07:00

May Chain Discount

Buy one after another to get huge discounts!

You can get 2 free items in each Chain Discount tab when you purchase series of products.

Sales Period

      • May 6, 2021 – June 9, 2021 UTC

Chain Discount 1st/2nd/3rd Tab

Count Product Name

1st Discount

990 N-Coins


Essential Package
+13 Gear Booster x1
Slot Modification Tool x5
Chip Protector x2
Alpha Equalizer x1
Gear Booster Fuel I x10
Gear Booster Fortifier x1



2nd Discount

Pack Value: 3,280
Now with 10% off only 2,952 N-coins


Costume Spec-Up Package
S/A D Component: Costume x1
Normal D Component: Costume x20
Signature Synchro Selection Box x2
Shining Star Synchro Fiber x2
Costume Fusion Fiber x2
Greater Phase Fiber x100


3rd Discount

Pack Value: 4,740
Now with 20% off only 3,792 N-coins


Chip/Tuning Package
T1 Colored Chip Random Box x20
T2 Colored Chip Random Box x10
Origin Chip X10 Box x1
Slot Type Modification Tool x10
Chip Protector x2
Alpha Equalizer x3
Splendid D Component: Gear x5
S Guaranteed D Component: Gear x1


4th Discount

Pack Value: 6,530
Now with 30% off only 4,571 N-coins


Transcendence Package
Transcendence Elixir x55
Shape Memory Device x2


5th Discount

Pack Value: 12,350
Now with 40% off only 7,410 N-coins


Enhancement Package
Enhancement Buff Voucher x1
+13 Gear Booster Pouch x1
Gear Booster Fortifier x35
Gear Booster Fuel I x100
Lucky Gear Boost I x10


6th Discount

Pack Value: 19,640
Now with 50% off only 9,820 N-coins


Finishing Package
SS Guaranteed D Component: Gear x1
Splendid D Component: Gear x15
Alpha Equalizer x3
S Guaranteed D Component: Costume x1
Splendid D Component: Costume x10
Transcendental Elixir x20
Perfect PNA Evolution Kit x10
Mini Awakened Tiamat Pet Container x1
T1 Platinum Chip Selection Box x1


Free Items Per Tab

Chain Discount 1st Tab 🡲 Chain Discount 2nd Tab 🡲 Chain Discount 3rd Tab
#7 Chain Discount:
3-star Ascending Carp Phase Wings
#7 Chain Discount:
Gremory’s Special Dimensional Box
#7 Chain Discount:
Ocean King Illust Armband Random Box*
#8 Chain Discount:
SS Guaranteed D Component: Costume
#8 Chain Discount:
T2 Platinum Chip Selection Box
#8 Chain Discount:
Gear Booster +14 Pouch
      • Purchase Restriction is Once per account.
      • The next tab purchase will be available when the first tab purchase is completed.
Ocean King Illust Armband Random Box


Flop Illust Armband x1
Davy Jone Illust Armband x1
Lorelei Illust Armband x1
Asmodeus Illust Armband x1