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    April 21 Update Patch Notes
  • 2021-04-20 11:10

April 21 Update Patch Notes

1) Contents & System 

Guardian of New Rice Event Dungeon: 

– Event dungeon <Guardian of New Rice> has been added. 

  • <Guardian of New Rice> dungeon entrance is located in the ‘Planar Gate’ area. 
  • <Guardian of New Rice> dungeon quests have been added for characters level 60 or higher. 
  • You can enter the ‘Otherworldly Rice Paddies’ dungeon twice a day per account, and the ‘Burning Rice Paddies’ dungeon once a day per account. 
  • You can get ‘Otherworldly Organic Rice’ and ‘Otherworldly New Rice’ when clearing the <Guardian of New Rice> dungeon. 
  • <Guardian of New Rice> title has been added. 

– The <Guardian of New Rice> event item shop has been added. 

  • Access the event item shop by visiting NPC Carol in the ‘Planar Gate’ area. 
  • Event item shops are categorized into the ‘Guardian of New Rice’ and ‘Harpas’s Remains’. 
  • You can exchange event items using “Otherworldly Organic Rice” and ‘”Otherworldly New Rice”. 

※ Only 6 types of tokens are shown on Event shop. Please note when using the store.

– Charm item ‘Harpas’s Remains’ has been added. [Shortcuts] 

  • You can get ‘Harpas’s Remains’ in the ‘Guardian of New Rice Support Box’ and in the ‘Harpas’s Remains’ category in the event shop. 

2) Event

1) New Rice Play time Event:

  • Accumulative Login Event for New Rice Event Dungeon will start. 
  • Event Period: April 21, 2021 maintenance ~ May 6, 2021 Maintenance. 

2) Weekend Playtime Event

  • Keep logged in on weekends and get special rewards! 

3) Sales

[UNION Store]

  • Cybernetic Syncro Fiber 
    • Sales Period: April 21, 2021 ~ Permanent 
    • Only Seha – Wolfgang can use the item 
Product Name  Price  Purchase Restriction
Cybernetics Synchro Fiber  150  None 
Cybernetics Synchro Fiber 11+1  1,650  None 

The products below will be removed after the maintenance: 

  • Spring Package

[Washing Machine]

  • Wild Downtown
    • Seha, Sylby, Levia, Wolfgang, Seth, and Mirae 
    • Sales Period: April 21, 2021 ~ June 2, 2021 extended until June 9, 2021

  • Bunny Girl Bunny Boy
    • All costumes can be obtained through Washing Machine 
    • Sales Period: April 21, 2021 ~ June 2, 2021 extended until June 9, 2021

The products below will be removed after the maintenance: 

  • NightMare
  • Cat Club


4) Etc

Temporary Server Maintenance Compensation 
x1 Elite Status Voucher (1-Day) 
x1 Maid Service Voucher (1-Day) 
x1 Gardening Voucher (1-Day) 
x10 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule