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    Spring Package
  • 2021-04-06 11:00

Spring Package

Days become longer and the weather gets warmer. The Spring-time sale is here again to give the best deals for this season.

Sales Period

      • April 7, 2021 – April 21, 2021 UTC
[Spring] Costume Tuning Package


x1 S Guaranteed D Component: Costume
x10 Splendid D Component: Costume
x20 Normal D Component: Costume

 UMP 5,000 



Package Value: 7,190 Now for only  4,990 N-coins!
31% Discount
Purchase Limit: Twice per account


[Spring] Costume Conversion Package


x6 Shining Synchro Fiber
x10 Rare Synchro Fiber Selection Box
x100 Greater Phase Fiber

 UMP 3,000 



Package Value: 3,240 Now for only  2,990 N-coins!
8% Discount
Purchase Limit: Twice per account


[Spring] Enhancement Package


x15 Gear Booster Fortifier
x150 Gear Booster Fuel I

 UMP 5,000 



Package Value: 5,850 Now for only 4,990 N-coins!
15% Discount
Purchase Limit: None


[Spring] Chip Package


x20 Slot Type Modification Tool
x20 T1 Colored Chip Selection Box
x10 T2 Colored Chip Selection Box

 UMP 2,000 



Package Value: 2,000 Now for only 1,990 N-coins!
1% Discount
Purchase Limit: None