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    Asmodeus Package
  • 2021-02-26 08:53

Asmodeus Package

Item essentials with big discounts and exclusive offers! Never miss out on these deals available for a limited time only.

Event Period:

      • March 10, 2021 – March 24, 2021 UTC

[Asmodeus] Essential Double Gear SS Package


x2 SS Guaranteed D Component: Gear
x3 Alpha Equalizer
x10 Gear Booster Fortifier
x10 Lucky Gear Boost I
x20 Transcendental Elixir
x1 T1 Platinum Chip Selection Box
x1 Real Platinum Driver

 10,000 UMP 


Package Value: 25,100 Now for only 9,900 N-coins!
61% Discount
Purchase Limit: Once per account
[Asmodeus] Transcendental Elixir X65


x65 Transcendental Elixir

 5,000 UMP 


Package Value: 5,850 Now for only 4,990 N-coins!
15% Discount
Purchase Limit: None
[Asmodeus] Enhancement Package


x20 Gear Booster Fortifier
x5 Lucky Gear Boost I

 5,000 UMP 


Package Value: 6,400 Now for only 4,990 N-coins!
22% Discount
Purchase Limit: None
[Asmodeus] CMC Special Package


x13 CMC Transfer Ticket
x130 CMC Rearrange Ticket

 5,000 UMP 


Package Value: 6,370 Now for only 4,990 N-coins!
22% Discount
Purchase Limit: None
[Asmodeus] S Guaranteed Gear Tuning Package


x2 S Guaranteed D Component: Gear
x2 Alpha Equalizer
x10 Splendid D Component: Gear

 3,000 UMP 


Package Value: 5,680 Now for only 2,990 N-coins!
47% Discount
Purchase Limit: 5 Times per Account
[Asmodeus] Chip Transmitter


x30 Chip Transmitter

 5,000 UMP 


Package Value: 5,700 Now for only 4,990 N-coins!
12% Discount
Purchase Limit: None
Enhancement Buff Voucher


x1 Enhancement Buff Voucher


2,990 N-coins!
Purchase Limit: 10 Times per Account