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    Asmodeus Chain Discount
  • 2021-03-10 12:02

Asmodeus Chain Discount

Buy one after another to get huge discounts!

You can get 2 free items in each Chain Discount tab when you purchase series of products.

Sales Period

      • March 10, 2021 – April 7, 2021 UTC

Chain Discount 1st/2nd/3rd Tab

Count Product Name

1st Discount

990 N-Coins


Asmodeus Essential Package

+13 Gear Booster x1
Transcendental Elixir x5
Pet Core x50
Shining Synchro Fiber x1
Gear Booster Fuel I x10
Gear Booster Fortifier x1



2nd Discount

Pack Value: 2,780
Now with 10% off only 2,502 N-coins


Mystical Transcendental Elixir Pouch X2

3rd Discount

Pack Value: 3,940
Now with 20% off only 3,152 N-coins


Asmodeus Costume Spec-Up Package

S/A D Component: Costume x1
Normal D Component: Costume x20
Shining Synchro Fiber x2
Costume Fusion Fiber x2
Greater Phase Fiber x100
Repackaging Permit (Unique Costume) x2


4th Discount

Pack Value: 7,180
Now with 30% off only 5,026 N-coins


Asmodeus Chip/Tuning Package

T1 Colored Chip Random Box x30
T2 Colored Chip Random Box x10
Slot Type Modification Tool x5
Real Platinum Driver x1
Alpha Equalizer x3
Splendid D Component: Gear x20
S Guaranteed D Component: Gear x2


5th Discount

Pack Value: 12,650
Now with 40% off only 7,590 N-coins


Asmodeus Enhancement Package

+13 Gear Booster Pouch x1
Gear Booster Fortifier x35
Gear Booster Fuel I x250
Lucky Gear Boost I x10


6th Discount

Pack Value: 19,830
Now with 50% off only 9,915 N-coins


Asmodeus Finishing Package

SS Guaranteed D Component: Gear x1
Splendid D Component: Gear x10
Alpha Equalizer x5
S Guranteed D Component: Costume x1
Splendid D Component: Costume x5
Transcendental Elixir x30
Shape Memory Device x1
T1 Platinum Chip Selection Box x1
Mini Awakended Tiamat Pet Adult Container x1


Free Items Per Tab

Chain Discount 1st Tab 🡲 Chain Discount 2nd Tab 🡲 Chain Discount 3rd Tab
#7 Chain Discount:
Skill D Component: Gear
#7 Chain Discount:
Ancient Dragon Historic Site Custom Piece Random Box*
#7 Chain Discount:
Fly King Set Accessory Random Box*
#8 Chain Discount:
T2 Platinum Chip Selection Box
#8 Chain Discount:
Gear Booster +14 Pouch
#8 Chain Discount:
Gear Booster +15
      • Purchase Restriction is Once per account.
      • You can purchase up to 3 times.
      • The next tab purchase will be available when the first tab purchase is completed.
Ancient Dragon Historic Site Custom Piece Random Box


Custom Piece: Roaring Mystic Storm x1
Custom Piece: Crawling Snake’s Poisonous Mist x1
Custom Piece: Fury Ancient Dragon’s Shadow x1


Fly King Set Accessory Random Box


Dermatobia’s Pistol x1
Syrphid’s Necklace x1
Musca Sawtooth Agile Core x1