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    Shining Star
  • 2020-12-13 10:05

New Commands when using the Shining Star Costume:

  • Band
    /music, /MUSIC, /band, /BAND
  • Solo
    /play, /PLAY, /solo, /SOLO

1. Shining Synchro Fiber

  • Shining Synchro Fiber is one of the basic items necessary for the Shining Star Costume Conversion.
  • Converting Shining Synchro Fiber has a chance to acquire a Shining Star Costume.
Item Name N-Coin Price
Shining Synchro Fiber 290
Shining Synchro Fiber X10 2,900
Shining Synchro Fiber X18 4,990


No purchase restriction and this item is tradable.

2. Repackaging Permit [Unique Costume]

  • An item that can repackage Unique Costume once.
  • Can be repeated but won’t work if the repackaging count has reached the maximum limit.
  • The necessary amount of Repackaging Permit [Unique Costume] will depend on the specific Unique Costume.
  • Repackaging Permit [Unique Costume] can be purchased in the Store with no purchase restriction and it is tradable.

Item Amount Item Amount
Weapon 9 Hands 9
Chest 7 Hat 5
Feet 9 Cheeks 5
Hair 7 Back 5
Legs 7 Eye 5


Unique Costume is the highest grade costume in Closers. It only has 1 Repackage count regardless of where you obtained it and it is applied to both clothes and accessories.

Item Name N-Coin Price
Repackaging Permit 490
Repackaging Permit X11 4851


No purchase restriction and Repackaging Permits are tradable.

3. Exchange Silk

  • Exchange Silk can transfer the Tuning Option to a Unique Costume.
  • Exchange Silk has no purchase restriction and it is NOT tradable.
  • Available in Matter Mixer with 2000 Splendid Phase Fiber + 100 million Credits (Once per account per week)
  • The Tuning Option in Rare Costume can be transferred to Unique Costume. (Only 2 Tuning options can be transferred from lower grade costumes to a Unique Costume)
    • The third Tuning Option of the Unique Costume will be generated randomly.
Item Name N-Coin Price
Exchange Silk 4,990