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    Cheolsu Premium Starter Pack and New Costumes
  • 2020-12-16 11:17

Premium Starter Pack

Get an exclusive Premium Started Pack for Cheolsu and gear up and ready for action!

Cheolsu Premium Starter Pack

x1 Visual Slot Full-set (17 Types)
x1 Cheolsu Han High School School Uniform 6 Set (2-star)
x1 Cheolsu Han High School School Uniform Chest (2-star)
x1 Cheolsu Han High School School Uniform Legs (2-star)
x1 Elite Status (30-Day)
x100 Fast Duel Recovery Capsule
x50 Resurrection Capsule
x50 UNION Special Phase Stabilizer
x100 UNION Special Luck Stabilizer
x3 Victory Talisman Box (1-Day)
x1 Midnight Phase Wings (3-star, 30-Days, AAA Tuning)

Package Total Value: 6,910
Now for only 3,490 N-coins
That’s a 49% Discount!
Purchase Limit: Once per character, Only for Cheolsu character


Cheolsu Kim Costumes

Look bold and classy or even charming. Everything you need for Cheolsu Kim to look good!

Cheolsu Mono Training Package

Cheolsu Mono Training Chest
Cheolsu Mono Training Legs
Cheolsu Mono Training Feet
Available in Single/2-star

990 N-coins

Cheolsu Basic Product

1-star Premium Hair

290 N-coins


Bear Pajama

990 N-coins


Panda Pajama

990 N-coins

Cheolsu Draconian Conversion Available

Draconian conversion is available and Draconian Synchro Fiber can be purchased at Union Store.