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    Cheolsu Kim Update
  • 2020-12-14 03:07

The Amnestic Executioner, Cheolsu Kim has arrived!

Agents may now create Rattus Team’s second member Cheolsu Kim and we will welcome him with these exciting events!

Event Period:

      • December 17, 2020 to January 20, 2021 UTC

Event 1 – Level Up and Get Rewards

Create and log-in your first Cheolsu Kim character during the event period and get Cheolsu Operation Entry Supplies!

You can also obtain awesome rewards when you reach Cheolsu to a certain level.

Cheolsu Operation Entry Supplies Lv.67

Rattus Supply Box – Lv.70 Rattus Supply Box – Lv.75

x1 Cheolsu School Uniform Chest (1 Day)
x1 Cheolsu School Uniform Legs (1 Day)
x1 Elite Status (7-Day)
x3 Combined Talisman: Lore/

Wealth Box (1 Day)
x1 Maid Service Voucher (3-Day)
x1 Gardening Voucher (3-Day)

x3 Normal D Component: Gear
x2 Normal D Component: Costume
x10 Gear Booster I
x1 Resurrection Capsule X11
x50 Fast Duel Recovery Capsule

x1 Purification Farben Core/

Module set +13 Box
x1 Purification Trinket 6-set Box
x2 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit
x1 Super Advanced Evolution Material Capsule
x10 PNA Stabilizer

Rattus Supply Box – Lv.80 Rattus Supply Box – Lv.85 Rattus Supply Box – Lv.88
x1 Hyperclocked Equalizer
x1 Proof of Trial Module Box
x1 Special Contamxination Hell Material Box
x2 Transcendence Elixir
x2 Advanced D Component: Gear
x1 Elite Trigger Full Set Random Box
x2 Advanced D Component: Costume
x5 Holy Grail: Fly King Investigation Report
x1 Alpha Equalizer
x1 Draconian Synchro Fiber
x1 SSS Phase Wings Box
x20 Luck Stabilizer
x3 Yod’s Essence
x50 Pet Core
x20 Gear Booster I
x1 Enhancement Fortifier
      • Only Cheolsu Kim can open these Supply Boxes.
      • Each Support Box is untradable or cannot be moved to the Account Storage.
      • These boxes and consumable items will be deleted on December 31th 06:00 2020 UTC.
      • SSS Phase Wings Box can be moved to the Account Storage and you can also apply SSS Tuning Option.

Event 2 – Clear Dungeons and Craft Supplies

Clear dungeons using Cheolsu Kim and get <Gunpowder> to craft various items!

Material Amount Amount and Craft Result Craft Restriction

x1 Rattus Consumables Guaranteed Supply Box

(Contains x1 One Day Victory Talisman, x5 Luck Stabilizer, x10 Fast Duel Recovery Capsule, x3 Resurrection Capsule)

Once per account per day
30 x7 Golden Holiday Ticket Once per account per week

x1 Rattus Fiber Random Box

(Randomly get Phase Fiber, Advanced Phase Fiber, or Splendid Phase Fiber)

Once per account per day

x1 Rattus Enhancement Supply Box

(Randomly get Gear Booster I or Enhancement Fortifier)

Once per account per day

x1 Rattus Tuning Supply Box

(Randomly get Normal D Component: Gear, Advanced D Component: Gear, Hyperclocked Equalizer, or Alpha Equalizer)

Once per account per day

x1 Rattus PNA Support Box

(Obtain x1 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit, x10 PNA Stabilizer, x2 Tester Enhancement Material Capsule, x1 Advanced Evolution Material Capsule)

Twice per account per week
15 x1 Chat Bubble : ! [Event] Once per character
15 x1 Lucky Cat [Event] Once per character
15 x1 Muscle Rabbit [Event] Once per character
15 x1 White Frames [Event] Once per character
15 x1 Toy Gun [Event] Once per character
25 x1 Operation Purification Free Pass Set Box Once per account per week
30 x1 Contamination Hell Free Pass Set Box Once per account per week
35 x1 Fly King Free Pass Set Box Once per account per week
50 x1 Color Lense 4 Types Set Box Once per character
70 x1 Shining Synchro Fiber Once per account
70 x1 Costume Fusion Fiber Once per account
80 x1 Rattus Resolver Package (1-star, Unlimited) Once per account
100 x1 +13 Gear Booster Once per account
      • Unused Consumable Items will be deleted on 2021-06-30 09:00 UTC.
      • Craft Material and Crafting Machine will be deleted on 2021-01-27 04:00 UTC.

Cheolsu Kim Prometheus

Finish off Cheolsu’s look with modern elegance. Prometheus costume is now available!

Receive an exclusive illustration when you collected 7 pieces including the accessory.

Event Period:

      • December 17, 2020 to February 3, 2021 UTC
[Available Costume] – All Cheolsu Exclusive Costume Available [Available Unique/Rare Accessory]
2-star Costume Piece Draconian
Prometheus Weapon A/B/C
Prometheus Hair A/B/C
Prometheus Chest A/B/C
Prometheus Legs A/B/C
Prometheus Feet A/B/C
Prometheus Hands A/B/C
Draconian Circlet [Rare]
Draconian Scales [Rare]
Draconian Eye [Rare]
Draconian Wings [Rare]
2-star Accessory Piece Shining Star
Prometheus Accessory A Type
Prometheus Accessory B Type
Prometheus Accessory C Type
Shining Star Pealing [Unique]
Shining Star Earphones [Unique]
Shining Star Eye [Unique]
Shining Star Speaker [Unique]
[Full-set Specification] – A/B/C Type Full-set
Full-set Box Component for each type
Prometheus Weapon
Prometheus Hair
Prometheus Chest
Prometheus Legs
Prometheus Feet
Prometheus Hands
Prometheus Accessory

Washing Machine Accumulative Purchase Reward

Washing Machine Amount Item Amount and Bonus Item
50 x1 Cheolsu Prometheus Piece Random Box (Accessory not included)
100 x2 Cheolsu Prometheus Piece Random Box (Accessory not included)
150 x1 S/A D Component: Costume
200 x10 Advanced D Component: Costume
300 x1 Cheolsu Prometheus Accessory Random Box (Random Color Type)
400 x1 Draconian Accessory Random Box
500 x1 Cheolsu Prometheus Full-set Selection Box (Select 1 among Color Type)
600 x1 Shining Star Accessory Random Box
800 x1 SS Guaranteed D Component: Gear
1000 x1 SS Guaranteed D Component: Costume