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    Special Product Sale Closers Day
  • 2020-11-08 07:14

Hello Agents,

Weekend deals made exclusively for you! Visit the [Special Item] tab in UNION Store and check out packages that are available in a limited time only.

Bursting Alpha Equalizer Pouch
Randomly gives you Alpha Equalizer (Level 81-85) ranging from 4 to 50.

What is Alpha Equalizer (Level 81-85)? This is an item that repairs option circuits overloaded by repeated tuning attempts and restores the maximum number of tunings for Level 81-85 gear items.

1,490 N-coins for a pouch
4,990 N-coins for 4 pouches (Once per account only)

Mystical Transcendental Elixir Pouch
Randomly gives you Transcendental Elixirs ranging from 17 to 100.

Transcendental Elixirs protects a Transcendence Stone from destruction during a failed Transcendence attempt.

1,490 N-coins for a pouch
4,990 N-coins for 4 pouches (Once per account only)

Mystery Enhancement Fortifier Pouch
Randomly gives you Gear Booster Fortifiers ranging from 7 to 50.
Gear Booster Fortifiers is a supplementary additive used for enhancement. Guarantees safer results when enhancing items.

Protects the item from going -1 upon failure. Removes enhancement cost for +12 gear or above. *Consumed upon use regardless of the result.

1,990 N-coins for a pouch
7,490 N-coins for 4 pouches (Once per account only)

Note: This may not be seen in-game but the Pouches with high N-coins amount provides 4 Pouches in one purchase.

This promo ends on November 8th at 3:59 AM UTC (Nov 7, 7:59 PM PST) so don’t miss out!